Silva Sisters Assistant

If you have previously attended a Silva Sisters session you are welcome to apply to be an assistant on a session. Assistants have a free place on the day and receive lunch (but not travel or other expenses). Assistants will have a clear role and jobs throughout the day with time to also participate in the activities. You would be expected to arrive at 9am and leave at around 5pm.

The role includes: Helping to unload equipment at the start of the day, keep woodburning stove lit (when appropriate), gather sticks for woodland fire and keep it lit whilst we are in the woods, take equipment up to the woodland and help set up the space, help with lunch preparation and tidy away, helping load equipment into the van at the end of the day.

If you would like to be considered please complete the form below. Only one assistant is needed per session. If that place is already full I will email you with alternative dates.


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