Danielle, Sylva Sisters Attendee

I attended this year's first Sylva Sisters woodland event at the beautiful National Trust Footprint building in Windermere. Fantastic event in a beautiful setting. Nes is an amazing tutor who makes everything look effortless. We learned firelighting, baked a cake in the fire, tried some meditative walking and nature listening practices and did some gentle yoga, finishing with a led meditation. Delicious food for lunch and snacks. Perfect. Hope to attend more sessions. Thank you Nes.


Heather, Sylva Sisters Attendee

We did everything from Yoga, to baking a cake in the fire we spent so much time lighting! I can't wait to book on another day, and know at least 3 other ladies who would like to join me! Nes, you are a wonderful lady, you made me feel very welcome, and sent me to sleep with your comforting voice in the relaxation at the end of the day!


Victoria, Sylva Sisters Attendee

I truly had a day to remember, the whole day was brilliant. The highlights of the day (for me) included learning the various ways to light fire, Nes was always on hand to assist when needed, the yoga was brilliant and was suitable for all levels and abilities, the food was great and the cake baked on the camp fire was as good as it gets. However what made the day very special was the other attendees, they were a great bunch and everyone was so friendly. I finished the day with a sense of well being and felt very relaxed, I slept well that night...


Amy, Sylva Sisters Attendee

I had a glorious Sunday in the woods with Nes, I left feeling warmed and nourished and peaceful. I loved it all: spending time with lovely women, doing some restorative yoga, trying my hand at weaving and cooking on a camp fire. Would highly recommend and definitely come back.


Karen, Sylva Sisters Attendee

Such a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing experience. Nes really made everyone feel welcome; the crafting, outdoor cooking and yoga were absorbing. I came away so very chilled out, with my little hanging basket, and my inner child very satisfied with her day of playing out with new friends. Thank you Nes, I would love to come again.


Suzanne, Nurture in Nature Attendee

In a nutshell, it was wonderful! Set in the beautiful woodland above Lake Windermere, the National Trust Footprint building was a stunning location for the yoga, meditation, mindfulness and forest activities we did… Nes was really welcoming and friendly, and had created lovely touches all around.. For me, the day really helped me to nurture my inner child - activities such as getting back in touch (literally) with nature, toasting marshmallows on the fire, and tucking ourselves up all cozy for some guided meditation, really made me feel I was taking care of myself. Also, I started a fire (on purpose, using a flint and steel)! The selection of teas, vegan food, cakes and bliss balls were all delicious. Thank you!


aged 10

“Amazing teaching skills. Very funny and kind. You will learn a lot. All round amazing”


Headteacher Kingsweston Special School

“The session was exciting, engaging and relevant to the learning needs of the pupils – thank you very much!”


Assistant Head, Kingsweston Special School

“Thank you for all that you have done in raising the profile of our wonderful outside spaces – the kids (and staff) have loved every minute of it!”


Class Teacher

“Ideas were brilliant – gave me lots more ideas to incorporate outdoor learning as part of my planning.”


Asst. Head, Special School

“Activities accessible for all levels”


A Fosti, Parent

“Nes Bear greatly inspired our 9 year old son this year in so many ways educational and personally. He has developed a real keen interest in the outdoors through the highly interactive activities brought to his school by Nes Bear.”


S Leigh, Parent

“My daughter blossomed under Ms Bear’s tutelage”



“Ms Bear made [my daughter] the child she is today. She entered Year 5 lacking confidence and skills and exited with a new found love of learning that has seen her continue to go from strength to strength in Year 6. I cannot rate Ms Bear as a teacher and individual highly enough. She is exceptional within her field, and has a true passion for teaching children correctly”


Class Teacher

“Nes exudes a love of learning that is an excellent role model for children”


Class Teacher

“Nes’s manners and consistent praise of good work and behaviour have enabled her to develop excellent relationships with the children”


Deputy Head Teacher

“Lots of opportunities were given for the children to reflect on their progress through self and peer assessment. Nes uses a variety of strategies to enable the children to show their achievements”


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