Activities and Events for Families

Practicing yoga and spending time outdoors learning new skills and sharing adventures as a family can be a great way to connect. We offer a variety of sessions accessible to all family members. 


Forest School

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Family Forest School

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than to bring your little ones down to the woods?!

Family Forest Fun sessions are designed to give families of all ages and dynamics the opportunity to spend time together in the great outdoors. Sessions are loosely themed with lots of fun activities suitable for ages 4 – 104 (but we’ve even had babies take part before!)… but are free flowing and participant led allowing the adults to be big kids too.

Come and have fun with your kids making dens, campfire cooking or making a whistle out of a stick you just found and of course if there is something you’ve always wanted to do then let us know and we will add it in if we can.

These sessions are semi-structured to maximise the opportunities to develop skills and understanding  of nature, to build self-esteem and to have lots of fun!

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Home Ed Groups

Bear Forest School offers sessions specifically aimed at home-educated children. These sessions are delivered by a qualified teacher and forest school leader who brings to the sessions a wealth of knowledge about academic subject areas all mixed in with nature, play and developing curiosity and child-led investigations.

Sessions include fun activities in the woods that help develop reading, writing, investigation, drama, music, science, mathematics…. as well as confidence and self-esteem; communication and social skills; physical skills; a greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment; natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning; the ability to recognise and manage risks and a healthy life-style.

Sessions may include:

  • free play, rope swings, whittling,

  • knife skills and knife lore,

  • design and making a wide range of traditional woodland craft products, tree art,

  • fire skills, fire lore and fireside cooking, charcoal making,

  • shelter making, ecology, wildlife and woodland maintenance,

  • inventing, team working,

  • animal tracking

  • social skills and communication

The longer children attend Forest School, the greater the magic you will see in their development. Therefore these sessions are for the whole term (we do have some drop-in sessions now and then). Each half term is 6 weeks long and costs £36 (and £24 each for siblings joining the same session). 

Parents/carers are very welcome to stay and play or sit round the campfire or get muddy too! Available to all children aged 6-11 (younger children shall be considered if accompanied by parent/carer)

Home Ed forest school is delivered on request by a minimum group size of 8.


Silva Sisters

Woodland days for women in the beautiful Lake District. Silva is the Latin word for forest and we shall spend the day exploring the forest with like-minded women, using all of our senses, activities including woodland crafts, mindfulness, yoga, activities to help connect with the natural environment as well as a roaring campfire to keep us warm and well fed. Sessions are relaxed so that you can go at your own pace and take part in what you feel like doing.

Each month will focus around a different theme and different activities and crafts.

For upcoming dates please see the events page or email for more information or to book a private group session.

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Mindful Mountain Meanders

Mindful walks are the perfect way to experience the mountains and glens of the Lake District while increasing our mindful awareness of our senses and the stunning landscapes around us.

Yogic mindfulness and our experience of natural beauty are symbiotic. The space and serenity provided by the natural world assists with stilling our minds. Allowing the mind to settle into a present and aware experience increases the vividness of how we experience our surroundings.

The walks include some simple yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness exercises. They can be individually tailored to the needs of the group, such as lowland walking or walking in the high fells. Nes has experience of leading walks with both children and adults, including those with learning disabilities, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Nes offers a variety of walks including full, half day, evening walks and retreats/expeditions. Walks are led by Nes, who is an experienced and qualified Mountain Leader and trained in Yogic Mindfulness and yoga.

Walks by arrangement with 3+ individuals. Please email to arrange.

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Little Bears

Come and explore the woods with your 1,2,3 and 4 year olds at Bear Forest School!

These sessions are designed to let the children explore the natural world and to provide them with a safe opportunity to play discover and learn with natural materials found all around them, in a safe stimulating environment where they learn to self-risk asses. Run by an experienced forest school leader and primary school teacher, each session will involve a main activity, games, free play, stories and song and lots of fun!

The sessions are fully interactive and we encourage parents to share their ideas, songs and games.

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Birthday Parties


We can provide yoga and forest school parties for children with any theme you like such as Where the Wild Things Are, Gruffalo, Stick Man, vikings…

Here are some examples of other themes that we have done before:

Bear Hunt
It probably doesn’t surprise you that we love bears. This party will explore the Bear Hunt story, including games, singing, acting as well as following a hunt to find hidden bears in the woodland and build a bear village for them.

Fairy and Elf Party
Bring your children to a fantastical fairy forest or exciting elf party. Invite your guests to come dressed up to follow a magical trail through our woodland to a beautiful clearing where they can make natural wands and crowns, toast marshmallows on the fire, make fairy dens, create beautiful prints on textiles using natural paints to take home and much much more.

Dinosaur Day
A fantastic party in the woods where children come along dressed as dinosaurs or explorers! Activities include tracking, making dinosaur eggs, creating a Pterodactyl nest, making a dinosaur skeleton, Findasaurus scavenger hunt, dinosaur storytelling, creating your own dinosaur and much much more!

Kids yoga parties:

  • Energetic and exciting yoga activities to challenge and engage everyone

  • Partner work to encourage teamwork and bonding

  • Breathing practices to calm the mind and body

  • Relaxations and fun guided imagery

  • Mindfulness activities involving creative art and craft and collaborative games

  • It can work really well with a theme or a favourite story of your choice

Your party will include lots of yoga fun which takes the children on a themed journey, for example going to outer space, an adventure to OZ, Star Wars, exploring with Stick Man or Visiting a Rain Forest. (You are welcome to suggest another theme in advance - which might tie in with the theme of your party)

Whilst travelling on their yoga adventure children will learn yoga poses, dance to music, play super fun yoga games, be creative with their friends and some all important relaxation and quiet time at the end.

Pricing:  £100 for 2 hours for up to 12 children at a location in the South Lakes (travel costs may apply for locations further afield). Price includes campfire popcorn and hot juice.

If you require venue hire it would be additional to this cost. We are happy to find a stunning venue to suit your party.

If you would prefer a longer session including a healthy or campfire lunch this can also be arranged at extra cost. At children's parties at least two adults must stay with the group.


Forest School and yoga can be a great way for friends, colleagues, long-lost school friends, hen parties… adults of all ages to spend time together, learning new skills and enjoying the great outdoors.

Party theme and activities can be catered to the needs of the group and can include one or a mixture of the following (some of the activities are seasonal):

  • Games

  • Fire Lighting

  • Campfire Cooking

  • Arts, including natural dyes, leaf bashing/hapa zome

  • Wildlife Tracking/ ID games

  • Mindful Walk in the Forest or Mountains

  • Yoga in the woods

  • Charcoal Making

A popular party is the … Wild Bake Off Party!
Join us to make traditional damper bread under a leafy canopy! In this session you will learn how to make a fire and cook the dampers you have made in the wild!

Yoga parties can include:

  • Mindful movement/ asana sequences

  • Partner yoga to develop connection with each other and have some fun

  • Relaxation and restorative yoga to indulge yourself in peacefulness

Pricing: £125 for a half day session (10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm including set up time) for up to 12 participants at a location in the South Lakes (travel costs may apply for locations further afield). Price includes campfire snacks and teas.

If you require venue hire it would be additional to this cost. We are happy to find a stunning venue to suit your party.


Yoga and Mindfulness

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Group classes

Nes delivers family yoga that is accessible for all types of families and family members. Whatever your body shape or fitness there will be something for everyone to get involved with and enjoy. Sessions are packed with yoga movement, breath and relaxation through storytelling, song, dance and craft activities. 

Yoga and mindfulness are great for children and families and the session is a great way to connect body, mind, breath and to each other. There are so many benefits to family yoga, a few are:

- Non competitive activity and group/partner work to develop co-operation

- Develop physical strength, flexibility, fine-motor skills, co-ordination.

- Cultivate peacefulness and positive, compassionate thinking.

- Having fun! Family yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.

Nes offers regular group family yoga classes and is also available for private family yoga sessions to help your family develop a home practice to suit you. 


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At-Home Private Classes

Family yoga session in your home based on your schedule, desired level of difficulty, and customised experience, including: 

  • Relaxation

  • Story yoga

  • Family poses

Pricing: £45 for one session.
£140 for 4 (50 minute) sessions. By the end of 4 sessions you will have a solid home practice that you will feel confident doing on your own.


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Is your child feeling stressed? Are you having difficulty at bedtime? Let us help you create a yoga routine that works for your family. Topics can include:

  • Difficulty going to bed

  • Creating an exercise routine

  • Increase focus / communication

  • Coping with stress/ trauma

Pricing: £45 p/h for one session.
£140 for 4 (50 minute) sessions. 


Want to book or enquire about any of the sessions listed or a yoga or forest party?

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