We offer a range of activities for organisations and charities; these can be for service users, as part of a project or event or for staff to develop teams. We welcome the opportunity to work in like-minded partnerships.

Activities can take place independently or we can include different elements into each session. For example, including some mindfulness into a forest school session can be a fun way to really become aware of the surroundings using all of the senses. We are passionate about providing sessions to best suit the individual school and pupils needs. 

Nes has vast experience and training in using yoga, mindfulness and outdoor activities activities to help children, adolescents and adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities experiencing stress, anxiety and trauma.

Sessions can be one to one or groups depending on your needs. We also offer sessions with staff to promote well-being and to develop a connected and supportive staff team. 


Outdoor Activities

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Wild Well-being

We work one to one or with small groups to offer sessions focused on developing emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, self-worth and a connection with others.  Sessions take place outdoors and include elements of forest school, mindfulness, gardening and somatic skills for coping with overwhelm.

Sessions are hugely beneficial and enjoyable for all ages, abilities and bodies: sessions are delivered to suit the needs of the group. They can help develop personal, social and emotional skills: independence, self-discovery, confidence, communication and raise self-esteem.

A course would usually be a minimum of 6 sessions to give ample opportunity for participants to benefit fully from the experience.

We are passionate about providing opportunities for client-led activities. Of course we shall plan sessions so that there is plenty to do and learn but we believe it is essential to be flexible to the needs and curiosities and passions of participants. We may start out learning about trees and end up making natural dyes!

We also offer sessions that include yoga and mindfulness  whereby participants can further develop connection with themselves and their surroundings. 

(This is not offered in place of psychotherapy. This would work well with participants that are also working with a mental health professional)

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Mindfully Wild

Forest School with Yogic Mindfulness for adults and children to develop a deeper connection with themselves, their surroundings and others.

Forest School can help develop personal, social and emotional skills: independence, self-discovery, confidence, communication and raise self-esteem.

Activities can include:
Making tangible crafts from natural resources to take home;  Nature awareness games, which develop movement skills; Using imagination, playing pretend with things they find; Looking for flora and fauna in their natural environment; Using blindfolds to discover other senses, enhancing perception; Learning how to safely use hand tools such as peelers and palm drills; Sawing wood with bow saws and fixed blade saws; Forage, cook and eat as a group; Tying knots to make things work; Making dens; Whittling sticks and making fire, using fire steels.

Nes incorporates mindfulness into these sessions whereby participants can further develop connection with themselves and their surroundings.

Nes develops each session to the needs of the group, both in planning as well as being led by curiosity and enjoyment of participants on the day. Sessions are adaptable and participant-led.

Sessions are by arrangement.

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Mindful Walks

Mindful walks are the perfect way to experience the mountains and glens of the Lake District while increasing our mindful awareness of our senses and the stunning landscapes around us.

Yogic mindfulness and our experience of natural beauty are symbiotic. The space and serenity provided by the natural world assists with stilling our minds. Allowing the mind to settle into a present and aware experience increases the vividness of how we experience our surroundings.

The walks include some simple yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness exercises. They can be individually tailored to the needs of the group, such as lowland walking or walking in the high fells. Nes has experience of leading walks with both children and adults, including those with learning disabilities, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Nes offers a variety of walks including full, half day, evening walks and retreats/expeditions. Walks are led by Nes, who is an experienced and qualified Mountain Leader and trained in Yogic Mindfulness and yoga.

Walks by arrangement with 3+ individuals. Please email to arrange.

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John Muir Award

Nes Bear is experienced in guiding groups through the John Muir Award. It would be suitable for young people over aged 10 and adult groups. The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

Four Challenges are at the heart of each John Muir Award, to achieve an Award each participant must:
Discover a wild place
Explore its wildness
Conserve – take personal responsibility
Share experiences

The John Muir award would usually take place over at least 6 weeks to give ample opportunity for participants to benefit fully from the experience.


Yoga and Mindfulness

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Chair Yoga & Mindfulness

Chair yoga is a sustainable option for organisations that want their clients to experience the benefits of movement and mindfulness but don't have much space, resources for equipment. This option inserts easily into existing schedules and can serve many clients in one day. 


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Mat Based Yoga & Mindfulness 

Our most popular program brings yoga classes right into your organisation. Nes uses a blend of yoga, mindfulness, story telling, music while instilling positive values such as self care and community.  


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Help the Helper

We can deliver yoga classes and outdoor sessions focused on resilience, self-care, self-esteem, risk-management and teamworking to help helpers develop a toolkit to cope with their roles. 


Pricing and Funding

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Pricing: Costs vary depending on the needs of the group/individual, equipment needed, number of staff required etc.   

We know that many charities and voluntary sector organisations are struggling financially. If the cost of the sessions can't be met in your current budget please get in touch so that we can see how we can help. In the past we have secured funding for programmes or been able to offer a greater discount where organisations have booked regular sessions. Also, if you would rather set up sessions so that your service users pay for sessions themselves we are happy to help set that up and to offer sessions at a concessionary rate. 


Are you interested in offering Forest School to your service users or interested in working in partnership with us?

Contact us using the form below, or email Nes at info@bearforestschool.com:

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